Investigative Reports

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This section is an archive of BAN's investigative watchdog work which has been ongoing since 1997. Along with providing a history of investigative work, it will also be an area to store documents associated which each report.

If you are searching for a specific bit of information and are unable to locate it, please contact us at


Intercon Solutions

E-waste exporter caught by BAN in 2009, they retaliate with an unfounded lengthy legal battle, judge throws out case against BAN in October 2015, BAN is finally able to release evidence to the public.


Diversified Recycling

  • Summary / Evidentiary Report(s)
  • Supporting documents
  • Press releases / News clippings
  • Photo gallery (landfilling, smashing, etc)

Stone Castle Recycling

CRT Recycling Brockton

  • Press releases / News clippings

Closed Loop


  • Soil testing data


  • Soil testing data

Global Environmental Services

  • Press releases / News clippings

Executive Recycling

  • Legal documents