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Basel Action Network's work as an investigative watchdog has been ongoing since 1997. During this time a great number of questionable activities have been discovered, photographs have been taken, and reports written. This section will seek to archive all the products of BAN's investigative reporting; it will be continually updated with both previous and current information.

If you are searching for a specific bit of information and are unable to locate it, please contact us at

Recently Updated Reports

(Reports updated since 2014)

Diversified Recycling

  • Summary / Evidentiary Report(s)
  • Supporting documents (pictures/etc)
  • Landfill pictures

Intercon Solutions

  • Summary / Evidentiary Report(s)
  • Supporting documents
  • Press releases / News clippings
  • Legal battle

Stone Castle Recycling

CRT Recycling Closed Loop

  • Testing data

Historical Reports

Executive Recycling


  • testing data