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Intercon Sign Closeup.jpg
Shipping container eventually tracked to China on the property of Intercon Solutions. Photograph: © BAN 2009


Intercon Solutions, an electronics recycler based in Illinois, was found in 2011 by BAN investigators to be engaging in numerous fraudulent and illegal activities. When results of these investigations were made public, Intercon vigorously denied them and launched a defamation lawsuit against BAN. After a lengthy legal battle, in October of 2015 Intercon's case was dismissed with prejudice, and BAN was able to publicly release their collected evidence.

Evidence & Supporting Documents

Full summary of Intercon case and related evidence.
Supporting documents:
Annex A - Whistleblower Documents Linking Intercon Containers to Export to Asia
Annex B - Additional Documents Linking Intercon Containers to Export to Asia
Annex C - Highlighted Excerpts of Intercon Solutions Approved Applications for Public Funding
Annex D - Screenshots of No Export Language on Intercon Solutions’ Website

Summarizes Intercon Solution’s Publicly Funded Grants Awarded for Domestic Recycling between 2004 & 2009.
Highlighting cases of improper export, presented to Intercon in July 2012.


(see:Intercon Solutions Chronology of Events)

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