Diversified Recycling

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Close-up of Intercon Solutions' sign touting their Certifications. 2014. Copyright BAN.
Shipping container eventually tracked to China on the property of Intercon Solutions. Photograph: © BAN 2009


Diversified Recycling did XYZ. Lots of evidence beyond what was listed in Evidentiary Report. Shifting material between facilities prior to audits. Sending material to Sarah's Trading for long period of time... just to clean out warehouses. Sarah's is very obviously bad downstream place. According to discussions with owner, they supposedly also took material from IMS Recycling, Goodwill, and ____. But BAN was unable to follow up with those connections.

Sarah's Trading

Story of late-night stakeouts. Smashing. Pictures of inside facility, smashing.


Followed trucks, and followed tracking devices. Material went to ____. --Pictures--

Evidence & Supporting Documents

Full summary of Diversified case and related evidence.
  • Diversified Timeline
  • Evidentiary Report

Supporting documents:
cnc_determination_letter_diversified_recycling (Dec 18, 2014)


Whistleblower info.

Known Contracts

Legal Status

Handed over information to authorities.

Freddy Cayaffa Montano, plead guilty on 9/22/15 to negotiated plea. plea deal.

From in or about November 2013, through in or about December 2014, in the Northern District of Georgia, the defendant, FREDDY CA YAFFA MONT ANO, did knowingly and willfully combine, conspire, confederate, agree, and have a tacit understanding with others, known and unknown, to commit an offense against the United States; namely, violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) by: a. knowingly transporting and causing to be transported hazardous waste, specifically, used, broken cathode ray tubes ("CRTs"), to a facility which did not have a permit issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or an authorized state, to treat, store, and dispose of hazardous waste; b. knowingly disposing of hazardous waste, specifically, CRTs, without a permit issued by the EPA, or an authorized state, to dispose of such waste

Sentencing in December.

19. The Defendant agrees to cooperate truthfully and completely with the Government, including being debriefed and providing truthful testimony at any proceeding resulting from or related to Defendant's cooperation. Defendant agrees to so cooperate in any investigation or proceeding as requested by the Government.

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Intercon Solutions office area

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