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  • The '''Basel Action Network''' (BAN) is a [[International nongovernmental organization|non-governmental charitable organization]] wor ...c waste and its proper disposal, which includes the ban of to exporting, [[Environmental dumping|land dumping]], [[incineration]], and use of [[prison labor]]. When
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  • ...el convention into European Union law, 6 Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy 163 Winter (1995). ...el convention on hazardous wastes, 5 Colorado Journal of International and Environmental Law and Policy 333 Summer (1994).
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  • ...e exporter of electronic waste. Such exportation was likely a violation of international, Chinese and US law. ...ief-in-support-of-the-basel-action-network "Major US Newspapers, TV, Radio Organizations File Brief in Support of Basel Action Network"] - January 12, 2014
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  • ...208-236.</ref> With these operations, however, comes the risk of increased environmental toxins and decreased occupational safety. With respect to environmental dangers, "reports from the beaches of Alang indicate that shipwrecking faci
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  • ...industry and business as well as to environmental non&endash;governmental organizations. ...Transport of Dangerous Goods, as well as with other relevant international organizations, in the development of criteria for the definition of hazardous characteris
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  • '''''By Jim Puckett, Published in International Environmental Reporter 23 INER 984 - 6 December 2000''''' ...e Basel Action Network (BAN), a global watchdog coalition of international environmental groups working to implement the Basel Convention's global ban on the export
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  • ...cisions II/12 and III/1 and not allow the reversal of the most significant environmental achievement since the UNCED Rio Conference. The decision to ban the export ...the Basel Convention's Article 1, paragraph 1 (a) definition. Although the environmental interests lost important battles, such as in a failure to get toxic metals
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  • ...ntifies the disposal of hazardous wastes as an area needing cooperation in international law. This program leads to the convening of a working group to develop guid ...p, New York carrying 3,186 tons of solid waste. Garbage cruise becomes sad international joke as it attempts to unload its cargo in 6 U.S. states. Failing that, the
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  • ...BAN Statement Regarding Past Violations of Pledge by Electronics Recycling International] * [ International NGOs Statement of Solidarity with the Filipino People Against the Ratificat
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  • ...ducts which have been banned, cancelled or withdrawn from registration for environmental or health reasons. The Convention entered into force on April 22, 1998. ...vant chapters of the Charter of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) on environmental protection, the African Charter for Human and Peoples' Rights, Chapter IX o
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  • ...transfer to other States of any activities or substances that cause severe environmental degradation or are found to be harmful to human health", ''Aware'' of the growing international concern regarding the need to ensure that pollution originating in one Stat
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  • ...untries to non-OECD countries. The Basel Ban is to come into full force of international law on 31 December 1997. However, a handful of powerful countries and busin ...ould have seen a new form of waste colonialism. We would have witnessed an environmental apartheid where the poorer countries serve as custodians for the industrial
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  • *BAN participates in the intercessional working group on shipbreaking of the International Maritime Organization in Nantes, France. ...two day visit to Brownsville, Texas ship recycling facilities ESCO Marine, International Shiprecycling Limited, Baybridge, and All Star Metals.
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